Need Replacement Windows?

window2The selection of windows for your home has never been greater. Options for not only functionality but also appearance allow you to get exactly what you want for your home. Windows do more than provide light and ventilation. They add to house design, character, and individuality; framing the outside scenery as seen from within, while enhancing room décor.

You no longer have to choose between safety and looks. Many window manufacturers have melded security and form to create attractive and tough models. Everything is available, ranging from mirror window, designer window, and safety window choices including casement, double sash, bay window, picture window, and skylight window options. You can have stained glass, frosted, or clear glass windowpanes set in wood, fiberglass, metal, or vinyl window casings.

Think about what you want to get out of your windows to determine what type you should buy:

Are you replacing outdated wooden windows? Take a look at high efficiency aluminum frame models that use rubber or vinyl to separate the inside and outside of the frames. This reduces the transference of cold through the metal – a much better choice than standard aluminum frames. Add to these frames double or triple pane windows and you’ve got excellent weather protection.

Are you focused more on the look of your home? Using new windows to add dimension and elegance to a room has been a common practice for ages. An arched bow or angle bay window provides a new look while allowing light in and keeping weather out. New high performance styles stay cleaner longer and greatly reduce the appearance of water spots. You might even consider selecting a window seat design to create the perfect place to sit and relax or read, with the additional advantage of hidden storage space below.

You also need to understand your climate and the needs it creates. Window requirements for cold climate regions differ from those in warmer areas where cooling is the main concern. For colder regions, window U factor is most important. The U factor measures how well the window prevents heat from escaping; the lower the number, the less heat there is going out of the house.

The type of windows you select and the placement of them in your home will determine whether or not you need to hire a professional installer. Replacing standard-sized windows can be a do it yourself project if you have modest skills and like working on your home yourself. Installing large or specialty windows requires a higher level of skill. Your best bet will always be to use a professional unless you have prior experience.

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