Custom Doors in the Greater Toronto Area

York Porch EnclosureDoors are the gateways to your home. There are generally several types of doors for the average homeowner. You could be looking for a:

  • Front door
  • Patio door
  • Other exterior door
  • French door
  • Interior door
  • Louvered door

No matter what type of door you’re looking for, you can get the exact style and size that you want, even if it is an odd shape or size. These are considered custom doors.

What to Look for with Custom Doors

As with anything that is custom built or manufactured, there are going to be extra costs associated with it. For custom doors, expect to pay more for the door that you want in your home, or for a particular room.

This doesn’t mean that a custom door is going to be more expensive than any other door. For example, you may want a French style front door that would be custom made and there might be other doors that you could choose from, already designed, that are more expensive.

The most important thing is that the quality is high. There is no purpose investing in a custom built door that is of a low quality.

The Value that Custom Doors bring to the Home

Custom doors are similar to most other home or business improvement projects. The moment that you begin adding in your own personal style and preferences, you will limit the value of those additions.

A custom front door, for example, could be the exact style and fit that you want, but it might not be ideal for others, such as a potential future homebuyer. If this causes issues, it may reduce the sale price of your home.

The value of these doors will be limited to their functionality, necessity, and design.

Custom Doors for Special Purposes

If you have a building or room that requires a special door, you need to make sure that the wall will support the door (that it’s not a load bearing wall). The larger the door, the more pressure will be placed on the wall and surrounding structures.

If you have questions about custom doors for your home or business, contact Platinum Windows and Doors.