The Importance of Entrance Doors in Your Home

Wood Front Door InstallationShopping for a brand new front door will highlight that these are the most expensive doors for your entire home. Some entrance doors can even be more expensive than garage doors.

Front doors are vital to your home’s security as well as its curb appeal. In fact, when you have the right front door, when you make an investment in one that speaks to your style and design of your home, it can increase the value of your entire home and make it more appealing to guests and potentially even buyers, if you are thinking about selling.

Replacing a simple, old, worn out entrance door with a solid, ornate, or larger front door can create a more welcoming environment for your entire home.

Curb Appeal

Ask any home improvement specialist or Realtor about the importance of curb appeal and they will state that it is one of the most important aspects. How your home looks from the road will set the tone for guests coming to your front door.

If you have a beat up front door, it’s going to negatively impact how people view your home or what they would expect to find inside. But that’s not the main reason why these doors are important for your home.


That belongs to security. Your front door is one of the first entrance points that people focus on, and that includes individuals who wish to steal from you. You and your family might have a tendency to come through the back door or even a garage door, but all other people –salespeople to guests- will generally approach the front door first.

If your front door is old, it will likely be weaker. The locking mechanism may be strong, with a deadbolt and plate, but if the door can’t withstand pressure or force, it may not hold.

Shopping for a new front door will allow you to focus on strength and security. Newer entrance doors will generally consist of solid wood or metal, making them more durable, energy efficient and safer.

When your home and family are vital to you, choose an entrance door that will both improve the curb appeal of your house but also strengthen security. You’ll sleep better at night.