Converting Window Sizes

window2When you have an older home and realize that it’s time to replace the windows, you might be wondering whether you can change the type of the window, the style, and even the size.

The truth is that you can change just about any type of window that you want. If you have a double hung window, or a pair side by side, in a bedroom and think that a casement window would be better, then that’s certainly possible. If you want to change the double hungs or picture window in your living room to a bay or bow, you can do that, too.

Two Considerations to Make

When you’re considering changing the type of windows that you have, you’ll need to think about two things in the beginning.

First, you need to make sure that the wall isn’t a load bearing wall, and if it is, that the proper support structure is in place to allow that new window size. This would include having the proper headers and other structures within the wall.

If you have a small window and you’re looking at expanding it, then you might need to have a lot of work done to prepare and frame out the window. This can add to the expense of the new window. You may be looking to reduce the size of the current window as well, which would also require a significant amount of work. If you have siding, then you’re going to need to match that siding when shrinking the size of the window.

The second thing to consider is the budget. As noted, it’s going to add more money to the cost of the installation. Depending on the level of actual work that is needed, it might be a minor increase in cost or it could be significant.

When replacing the windows in your home, you’re not locked in to only choosing the same size and type of window that you currently have. You can completely transform any room in your home.

As long as you go into this process with an understanding about what to expect, you should end up with the best windows that you want that are perfect for your home and your family.