Completely Transform Any Room in Your House with the Right Replacement Windows

york-storm-windowsIf you realize your home should have new windows because the existing ones are at least 15 years old, this is an opportunity to completely transform any and possibly even all rooms in your house.

Think about this scenario.

The family room has two double hung windows side-by-side that face the side of the yard. Beyond the side yard is a hill that rolls down and away from the house, providing a potentially nice view. However, because the windows are so old and worn down, the blinds and curtains are rarely opened. On top of that, this is where the TV is and different members of your family have a tendency to watch TV throughout the day and especially at night.

Imagine taking out those two double hung windows and installing an oversized bay window. It would not only help the room feel bigger, allowing you to place plants and other items on the shelf in front of the window, but it can inspire you to open those curtains, taking advantage of the incredible view outside.

If you’ve been feeling a bit tired and bored of your current home’s design and layout, and if those windows are 15 years old or older, now may be the time to consider replacing them and you will invigorate your entire house.