A Simple Replacement Window Buying Guide

It Can be Costing You a Lot during the SummerReplacement windows can be a valuable asset for any homeowner throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Before you take those first steps, you probably want some general information about windows for your home.

Consider energy efficiency.

Did you know that lower quality windows, or cheaper replacement windows, can actually cause between 25% and 30% heat loss in your home during winter? When you calculate the cost of electricity and fuel, whether it’s oil or natural gas, that’s a lot of money every month between October and April, on average.

Purchasing energy efficient windows that are higher quality can save you quite a bit of money every single year on just your heating costs.

How windows are rated.

Replacement windows are rated on their insulation value (R value) and the type of glass (U factor). When the U factor is lower, performance is higher. When the R value is higher, you’re going to have a more well insulated window.

You should also pay attention to the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). This number basically determines how much light is going to pass through a window and, ultimately, warm up the interior living space.

The higher the SHGC number, the higher the amount of passive solar gain, which means there is going to be more heat generated inside your home. This can be valuable during the winter because the more the sun heats your home, the less you’re going to have to rely and your own heating system and that can save you money.

Window glazing.

Window glazing can be a valuable asset. There are numerous types of window glazing, including clear, tinted, multiple pane, and gas filled. Single glazed units are the least energy efficient and you shouldn’t even look at this if you value your home and want quality replacement windows. Two or more layers of glass separated by spacers and vacuum sealed with argon or krypton gas will help improve energy efficiency tremendously and that can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars every winter on your home heating costs.

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