4 Ideas About Entry Door Security You Might Have Overlooked

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Set of keys in lock of old wooden door

It’s easy to overlook certain aspects of home security, especially when you’re talking about entry doors. The entry doors in your house can include the front door, side door, door that leads out to the garage, or even a sliding glass patio door.

If you overlook certain concepts or ideas about entry door security, you could be putting yourself, your family, and your possessions at risk. Here are four ideas you may have overlooked already.

1. The security you have is not enough.

You might assume a deadbolt on that front door and those side doors is plenty. However, keep in mind your front door is not likely going to be the main entry point for somebody attempting to gain illegal access to your home.

2. The door is loose in the frame.

In the past you may have had to stop and pull the door tight to make sure it clicked closed properly. Now, though, it is smoother. That’s because the insulation, padding, and even the frame has loosened up a bit.

While more convenient, it’s actually exposing you to greater risk. That looseness means there’s a gap and that gap means it’s easy for somebody to slip a crowbar in and pop the door open.

3. That expensive deadbolt isn’t going to do any good if the door is weak.

If you have a weak back door due to years of use and abuse, a $200 deadbolt isn’t going to make a difference. Make sure the door is strong and, if it’s not, replace it with one that is.

4. That front door is not a primary target.

As mentioned, that front door, the one you invested heavily in the design, strength, and security, is often not the primary target for somebody attempting to gain illegal access into your home. They’re going to look first at side doors, a backdoor, or even the sliding glass patio door. That’s because those doors don’t get the same kind of attention, on average.

When you think about entry door security, you’ll likely realize how important it is to invest properly in new doors for your home.