Three Benefits Bay Windows Offer

make a room feel bigger
Bay Windows

Looking into bay windows for your home? When it comes to replacement windows, bay and bow windows offer great assets, and for many good reasons.

Let’s talk about the three benefits bay windows can offer your home and why you just might want to consider replacing those old, worn out double hung windows in your dining room, bedroom, or some other room in your house.

Bay Window Benefit #1: More interior space.

When you have a bay window installed, it can create more interior space. Because bay windows and bow windows expand out away from the main wall of the house, you will actually have more air space within the room itself.

If you rely on wood shutters as opposed to curtains or drapes to cover them and give you privacy, you will immediately feel the difference as soon as they are installed.

Bay Window Benefit #2: The illusion of a bigger room.

It can actually also offer more physical interior space. It may only be a shelf, but adding photo frames, plants, mementos, and other trinkets on that shelf can draw attention to the window, the view outside, and help at creating the illusion of more space in the entire room itself.

Bay Window Benefit #3: Expansive views.

The best reason people consider installing bay windows in their home is because they have some great views outside. If you want to take advantage of those expansive views, you should do so with a picture window, bay window, or bow window as opposed to a couple of double hung windows side-by-side.

That bay window, as it expands away from the house, certainly will draw attention away from the room itself to the outside world. When you have these gorgeous, expansive views, take full advantage of them by considering a gorgeous bay or bow window.