A Creative Way to Use Old Shutters as a Room Divider

oldshuttersWhether you’ve been thinking about replacing the old windows in your home or not, you may be looking at the shutters outside and thinking they look old, drab, cracked, warped, or just plain worn out.

If they are wood, you can certainly refinish them and recondition them to look almost like new once again. If they are vinyl, you may have limited options. Quality wood shutters should be able to last a very long time.

Whatever type of shutters you’re planning to replace, instead of throwing them out, you may actually be able to put them to good use. You want to sand them down, if they are wood, or repaint them if they are vinyl. Use a relatively neutral color and you can create room dividers with those shutters.

The shutters do not need to be 6 feet in length or more; you can use other strips of wood to tack two together and, with several different sets of shutters, using hinges, you can create room dividers.

Why even bother with room dividers?

It all depends on the layout in your home, the needs you have, and other factors, but room dividers can be great for hiding boxes, file cabinets, or other items from view, creating a bit of privacy if you have a home office or an area in the family room, for example, where somebody just wants to read or get some work done while everyone else is watching TV or playing games.

You can even use room dividers to create your own private changing area as opposed to having to run down the hall to the bathroom or closing the door every time.

Room dividers can be a great asset when you become creative with their layout. So, if you’re planning to replace those shutters, why not consider converting them into some type of room divider or other unique home project?