5 Reasons to Choose an Experienced Installer for Your Replacement Windows

install_01When you’re planning to have replacement windows installed in your Toronto area home, you will be given a choice about installation experts. Many of the better window and door companies, such as Platinum Window and Door have their own on staff installers to rely on.

Some people assume they can save money on installation by hiring an individual independently or doing it themselves. Here are five reasons why you should choose the experienced installer from the company where you purchase those windows.

Reason #1: You don’t know a person’s experience.

If you hire somebody through classified ads who says they have experience with window installation, you don’t know if they only installed one window in their life or have done this for many years. If they don’t have the right level of experience, especially with the type of windows you purchased, they could be installed incorrectly and that could void the warranty and cause damage.

Reason #2: The warranty.

Many manufacturers will not honor a warranty if their windows are not installed by somebody certified by them.

Reason #3: Incorrect installation may not be noticed for a long time.

You may be completely thrilled with the way the windows look once they are installed, but after that first rain event and you begin noticing water seeping into the house around the window, it might be too late to call the installer back to have them fixed. He or she just may not answer the phone.

Reason #4: Energy efficiency.

It’s one thing to place a window in an existing frame, but it’s just as important to add insulation around it. Many cut rate installers either throw insulation in haphazardly or don’t do this at all. That can directly affect energy efficiency for those new windows.

Reason #5: It’s far more affordable to get it done right the first time.

If there’s a problem with your cut rate installation, calling on an expert to repair the issue will cost even more money. It’s just a more affordable option to rely on the experienced professionals from the company where you purchase your windows originally.