4 Steps to Improve Security for Your Home’s Windows

iron bars windowsWhether you had new replacement windows installed in your Toronto area home or you are thinking about it, there are some steps you can take to improve security for these windows.

Windows are often thought of as the weakest link in home security. You can improve it, though, with these four steps.

Step #1: Consider installing a home security system. A home security system would have sensors at each window so that if they are opened when the alarm is set, it will trigger the alarm. That can help indicate if somebody’s trying to get into your home.

Step #2: Rely on quality windows. If you choose the cheapest windows on the market, you’ll find they are much easier to break into. A double hung window with a simple latch could possibly have it slipped from the outside.

Step #3: Consider replacing those double hung windows with something else. Casement, bay, picture, bow, and other types of windows can be more secure because they are much more difficult to open from the outside, if not impossible. When you look into other styles of windows to replace your traditional double hung, you can actually have a direct impact on your home’s security.

Step #4: Evaluate access from outside. If some of the windows in your house are low, they could possibly be easy access points for somebody trying to gain illegal access to your home. To counter this, you may want to plan shrubs or bushes below these windows to deter anybody from trying to peek in or climb in. Rosebushes are great deterrent thanks to the thorns.

The more proactive you are about security, the safer you will help to keep your family.