The 4 Biggest Problems that Arise when Homeowners Install their Own Windows

The 4 Biggest Problems that Arise when Homeowners Install their Own WindowsWhen it comes to replacement windows, there are number problems that can arise as a result of homeowners doing this installation themselves.

Potential Problem #1: Not installing the window level.

If the window frame is not level, and if the window is situated flush into the frame, then the window itself will not be level. As a result, it may not function properly or drain the way it should. Why would a window frame not be level? It could be poor construction, the house settling, or number of other issues that occur over time.

Potential Problem #2: The window not functioning the way it should.

Once the windows are installed, if the homeowner tries to use it he or she may find it difficult to open, it will not stay open, or it will not open all the way. This could be a direct result of improper installation.

Potential Problem #3: Unique components to the window.

The manufacturer may have built-in certain components to the window that are unique to it. If the homeowner isn’t aware of this, it could affect installation.

Potential Problem #4: Improper insulation.

If the homeowner doesn’t insulate around the window properly, it’s going to reduce the energy efficiency of the entire window. They may get to the next winter and realize they are paying just about the same amount of money to heat their home as they did when they had their old, drafty windows in place.

Without proper insulation, and without proper installation, the investment in those windows just might not pay off properly. That’s why it’s best to rely on an experienced installer who works for a window company such as Platinum Windows and Doors.