Window Cleaning During the Winter

Tips for Cleaning Your Windows in the Spring: Inside and OutCleaning windows during the winter doesn’t have to be a major challenge. However, for many Toronto area residents, they could be concerned about the heat loss and dealing with the cold.

The cold temperatures can affect the window cleaning, but there are number steps you can take that can make a world of difference.

The importance of cleaning your windows year round.

Most people only have a tendency to clean their windows during the spring and summer months when it’s warm. However, when practical and safe, it’s a good idea to clean the windows on a consistent basis. That’s because even during the winter the sun is likely shining on at least a number of those southern and western facing windows. If dirt collects on the glass, the sun can ultimately etch that class, causing the dirt to become pitted onto it.

The best way to clean your windows during the winter is to plan ahead. Pay attention to the weather forecasts and choose the day when the sun is going to be covered by clouds, when the temperature is going to be at least several degrees above freezing, and don’t worry so much about heat loss.

If you have newer windows that open inward to allow you to clean the outside portion of the glass from inside the house, you can simply close the door to that particular room to limit the amount of heat that escapes when you open the window to clean it.

Use a mixture of ammonia and water, newspapers or squeegee, and clean the windows as you normally would. There are many benefits to having your windows cleaned every couple of weeks, at a minimum, throughout the winter and the rest of the year. It will not only reduce the potential for staining and pitting of those windows, but will also make your home and every room inside look much better as a result.