The Value of Interior Doors

inside-doorIf you’ve been trying to think of a few home improvement projects that can actually transform the look and feel of your home, but you have a limited budget, consider interior doors.

The vast majority of interior doors in the Toronto area, are simple, flat doors that don’t inspire much of anything, other than privacy for the homeowner. However, a molded door with some character can completely alter the way that the home appears to guests and even family members.

The average home has about 16 interior doors, depending on the number of bedrooms and whether there’s an office or den. This number will include closet doors which are generally some of the most basic, boring doors you’ll find anywhere.

Solid Core Doors

The vast majority of interior doors in homes throughout Toronto happen to be hollow. This doesn’t do anything to add privacy, especially when it comes to noise levels. They are lightweight and can even feel a bit flimsy. A solid kick trying to open one with your hands full can actually put a hole in them.

Changing to solid core doors will add weight, heft, and some level of sound-proofing.

Low Effort

For the most part, replacing interior doors is a relatively simple procedure. Since the frame is already in place, and assuming that you wouldn’t be completely changing to size of the door, you should be able to swap out the hinges from the old door to the new door.

If the hinges are corroded or old, then replace them with new ones.

Resist Swelling

Another advantage to replacing your old, hollow doors is that heavier doors will help to resist swelling, especially during the summer months. When it’s humid out, you might have noticed that your doors may stick.

This is due to the wood expanding and ending up with a tighter fit in the frame. Heavier, more solid doors help to reduce this problem.

Interior doors can provide you with an incredible and affordable way to improve your home, from the inside.