Options with Regard to Replacement Windows for Your Toronto Home

Single Hung window

When replacing the windows in your Toronto home, you’re going to discover that there are a lot of options from which to choose. You could choose between different types of glass, film coverings for energy efficiency, and a number of styles and sizes.

In short, you can completely change the look of your home with the right windows. So take the time to understand all of the different options that are available to you. That way you’ll know that you’re going to be much happier in the long run with your brand new replacement windows.


You can choose from:

  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Casement
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Picture

Within each of these types of windows, you will have other options as well. You can choose your windows to be:

  • Single glazed
  • Double glazed
  • Triple glazed

So let’s take a quick look at what these options are all about.

Double hung windows are the most common type found in Toronto homes. These windows open from the bottom up or top down. Most double hung windows will open inwardly so that you can clean the outside of the glass from inside your home.

Casement windows open on a hinge, either along the horizontal axis or vertical, depending on what your preferences happen to be.

Bay and bow windows are similar, but have their own unique distinguishing characteristics. They are large windows that take advantage of great views outside and can also make a room feel larger than it is.

Picture windows were incredibly popular in the 1960s and 1970s but they lost favor during the next few decades. This type of window is a large, single pane of glass that is expansive and can appear to be like a picture or painting hanging on the wall.

Double glazed windows are two panes of glass that are vacuum sealed. They may be vacuum sealed using a gas, such as krypton or argon, depending on how energy efficient you want the windows.

Triple glazed windows are three panes of glass that are similar to double glazing.

If you need more information about the various options available to you regarding replacement windows, contact Platinum Windows and Doors today.