Three Ways to Properly Clean Your Windows

Tips for Cleaning Your Windows in the Spring: Inside and OutKeeping the windows in your Toronto area home clean is important for a variety of reasons. Not only does it improve the appearance of your entire house, it also helps them to last much longer.

When your windows are exposed to direct sunlight for many hours in the day or any time dirt, dust, or something else is collecting on the glass, it can become burned into it. This is a common issue with older windows.

That’s why it’s a great idea to clean your windows on a regular basis. Many people have a tendency to do things the simple way, but that’s not always the right way. Here are three ways you can consider cleaning your windows that are considered proper and will lead to exceptional results.

1. Using newspapers.

Many people grab paper towels and some type of window cleaner, but newspapers are a much better option. Paper towels can leave streaks, swirl patterns, and a cloudy haze on the windows.

Even though the window looks completely clean when you’re doing it, once the sun begins to move across the sky and penetrates through the glass you will see all of the streaks and other issues.

Newspapers don’t leave streaks like paper towels do.

2. Avoid cleaning the windows under direct sun glare.

When the sun is out and beating down on the glass, you want to avoid cleaning those windows at that time. The moment you spray any cleaning solution on them, including homemade mixtures of ammonia, water, and other cleaning solvents, it will begin to dry on the glass before you can even get the newspaper or other cloth onto it.

Clean the windows that are out of the direct line of the sun and then wait for the sun to set or get to the other ones early in the morning.

3. Consider using a squeegee.

A squeegee is one of the most effective ways to clean windows. If you have a high-quality squeegee and newspaper to wipe up any residual cleaning solution that gets left behind, you will have shiny, sparkling windows you’re proud of.