How Low-E Film Improves Energy Efficiency for Windows

It Can be Costing You a Lot during the SummerIf you’re looking into replacement windows for your home or business, you will likely come across the term low-e. This refers to a film coating that is applied to the glass during the manufacturing process that blocks out a significant portion of the sun’s UV rays.

It’s the sun’s ultraviolet radiation that generates heat. It’s also responsible for causing your skin to tan when you go outside for any length of time and furniture to begin fading over time.

If you have your windows closed during the summer with the air conditioning running, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is penetrating into your house and generating heat. So for every degree that your air-conditioning system cools the house, the sun is working to counter that. You could end up finding yourself paying double or even triple what you would have to on your utility bills when you don’t have this type of film coating.

So when you are looking to replace the windows in your Toronto area home or business, consider opting for low-e film coating on the glass. It will boost energy efficiency and help you save money during the summer months.

The rest of the energy efficiency should be great for wintertime.