The Three Main Types of Window Treatments most Toronto Residents Choose

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There are many choices when it comes to window treatments. A window treatment is any covering that is used to either enhance the style and design of the windows or to provide privacy. In many situations, these window treatments are designed to offer both.

The three most common types of window treatments Toronto homeowners choose are blinds, curtains, and shutters.

Blinds are arguably the least expensive type of window covering a person can get and you can find blinds for as little as under $100 for basic, white, standard size blinds. Some blinds can be several hundred dollars because they are designed to be more elegant and refined.

Curtains and drapery can run hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the materials used, the design patterns, and other factors. While blinds are easy to open and close, curtains can be a bit more troublesome, especially for somebody planning on using them for privacy.

Interior wood shutters are arguably one of the best looking and easiest to use window treatments around. These can cost several hundred dollars for each window, but they will last for generations, especially if they are well-maintained.

Interior wood shutters can also be painted any color to suit the interior part of the house. Stripping down the paint and repainting may be a bit of work, but when it comes to blinds or curtains, those would need to be completely replaced if the interior decor of a particular room was significantly altered.

Shutters are also easy to use in order to control privacy, light, and fresh air getting into the house. For anyone looking at the possibility of getting replacement windows, they will likely have to consider new window coverings. If so, considering wood shutters is a great option.