The Basics of Replacement Windows and How to Choose the Best Ones for Your Toronto Home this Summer

triple-pane-windowsWhen you begin shopping around for replacement windows for your Toronto home this summer, it’s a good idea to become at least somewhat familiar with the basics. The basics essentially refers to the type of terms and process you should take when you begin shopping for these windows.

The difference between double glazed and triple glazed.

You’re likely going to come across the term double glazed windows during your search. This basically refers to two independent panes of glass that are separated by a small gap, usually vacuum sealed air. This space can be vacuum sealed with argon or krypton gas, or just vacuum sealed. Argon and krypton gas offer more energy efficiency than simply vacuum sealed.

Triple glazed windows adds an extra pane of glass for a second layer of protection against drafts. These are far more expensive and tend to be quite a bit heavier than double glazed windows, but in Toronto they may be more efficient because of the cost savings with regard to energy efficiency.

When shopping around for replacement windows, you should always look to the opportunity to completely transform any room in the house. By completely changing the style, size, and other features of your windows, you can actually make any room look completely different. The more work that needs to be done to fit the new window into the frame will add cost to the installation.

Window tinting.

You will likely also come across the term low-e film coating. This is a film coating that is applied to the surface of the class during manufacture that can cut back on ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The UV rays of the sun is what causes the interior of your home to heat up during the summer. By adding this coating to the windows, you can cut back on a significant amount of heat generated within your home, thus saving you money on your utility bills throughout the summer.