The Ignored Crack in the Glass: 3 Reasons Replacing the Window Now is Crucial

Broken Glass, Fixing the Problem or Replacing the Windows in Your Toronto HomeThere are two basic solutions to dealing with a crack in the glass: replacing the entire window or having that pane of glass replaced.

It may be tempting to just simply ignore the crack, mostly for cost savings. Especially during summer, it might not seem all that necessary to focus on energy efficiency. After all, you’re not going to be losing a tremendous amount of heat inside your house like would could during the colder months of winter.

In truth, any crack in the glass will likely have disrupted the seal between the panes of glass. The most common type of window in Canada is a double glazed window. This is essentially two panes of glass that are sealed, either vacuum sealed or sealed with argon or krypton gas to maximize energy efficiency. That seal creates a buffer between the outside air temperature and that indoors.

That crack compromises the seal but it also compromises the integrity of the entire window.

Repairing a crack is not practical for most windows in residential or business facilities. Contacting an experienced professional window company to have the glass replaced is the best option. If the window is at least 10 or 15 years old, it may be more practical to replace the entire window. You can replace the window with the exact same style and size if you so choose, or you can take that as an opportunity to completely transform the look and feel of that particular room with something larger, smaller, or of a completely different style.