Selling Your Home? Replacing those Old Windows with Quality Ones Can Actually Increase Offers


windows-valueYou might be considering selling your home in the near future. If you are, your realtor might’ve told you a number of things you can do to help increase its appeal and possibly even its sale price. De-cluttering is one of the most common things realtors will tell their clients to do as a way of getting their home ready to put on the market.

Another thing to consider is replacing old, outdated windows. If you notice the condition of your windows is incredibly poor, it looks like they’ve been painted over a number of times, the glass is cracked, the vinyl frame is stained, or other issues exist, you may be tempted to simply find the cheapest possible windows you can and use those.

Don’t fall for that temptation.

Not only will those cheap windows look cheap, they aren’t going to do anything to increase the value of the house. Investing a bit more in higher quality windows, maybe even changing the style and size to capitalize on great views or protect privacy will be far more appealing, especially if you minimize the window treatments and coverings over them.

The moment somebody steps into a home during the daytime hours, they want to feel as though it’s a welcoming environment. You accomplish that by increasing the amount of natural light that gets in.

When people realize the windows have been replaced with high quality ones, especially those with low-e film coating that protects against heat generation from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, they will be more inclined to make an offer. The more offers you receive, the more you can sell your home for.