The Gas Sealant for Those Replacement Windows Makes a Difference

triple-pane-windowsWhen you’re choosing replacement windows for your Toronto area home, you will be met with many options. You may be looking at trying to save some money, so you might not be considering the higher end manufacturer models.

That’s fine, so long as you are aware the cheaper the replacement windows, the lower the quality and less energy efficiency you’re going to get. You may want to take the energy-saving estimates that some of the cheapest replacement windows provide with a grain of salt. They may not be accurate. In fact, what you actually enjoy could be far from what you expected.

Let’s talk about gas sealants.

When you have double glazed windows, the most common type of window sold in Canada, they will be sealed. The vacuum seal on the windows can be replaced with a gas, either krypton or argon.

If the windows are vacuum sealed and there is no mention about either krypton or argon gas, then it was sealed without it. That means the energy efficiency of those windows is going to be significantly less than what you would enjoy with krypton or argon gas.

If you want the most energy efficient windows you can get, you’ll want choose windows that are sealed with krypton gas. It offers greater resistance to penetrating cold air, meaning even on those cold nights when you place your hand on the interior portion of the window, you may not feel much cold at all.

In fact, double glazed windows sealed with krypton gas can be up to 80 percent more efficient than single glazed windows. When you take a look at your old, outdated, and worn out windows and realize they may not be protecting your home any better than single glazed windows, just imagine how much money you could be saving every month on your heating expenses this coming winter if you choose the right type of windows.