3 Ideas to Recycle Your Old Doors

The Colour of Your Front Door Can Say a Lot about You (and How to Go about Painting It)You’ve decided to replace all of the doors in your house. You have an old house, and depending on the age, those doors can look completely worn out, dirty, cracked, and basically an eyesore.

Replacing the front door, side door, sliding glass patio door, and all of the interior doors is a great decision. It may be a significant investment at the moment, but it’s going to pay dividends in not only safety and security, but in the style and design of your home.

What would you do with those old doors?

You may have a tendency to toss them in a dumpster or have somebody come and pick them up to dispose of them. Some doors may seem like they give you no other options, but older doors, especially those that seem to have worn out, been weathered, or lost some of their appeal as actual interior or exterior doors could be used well in other areas.

Here are a few ideas on how you could recycle those old doors without having them take up space in a landfill.

1. Create tables.

You can make your own end tables, outdoor tables, or any other kind of table. You can even make cubicles if you’re so inclined. This isn’t going to work for more modern interior doors that are hollow or have a foam insulating material in between the outer portions of the door, but for traditional doors that are solid all the way through, a table can be a great idea.

2. Use them as unique shelves.

If you need more shelf space in your home, even in a closet, instead of going out and spending a considerable amount of money for premade shelving units, you can make your own. You can cut a traditional interior door into thirds lengthwise and in half again to create interesting and unique shelves throughout your home.

3. Create outdoor seating.

Like making tables, you can actually create some unique chairs. Again, this will only work if the door is solid wood because you’ll need to consider the weight of an individual who might sit in one of those chairs you make.