The Forgotten Door: Reasons You Need to Replace It

Wrought Iron Front DoorIn the average Toronto area home there are three or four exterior doors. Inside the house there could be five or more doors, such as two bedrooms, bathrooms, leading to the living room, and more. One door that often gets neglected or forgotten about is one that could lead to a basement, either from the outside or from the inside.

Many people have metallic Bilco style doors, such as those that would open outward at an angle leading to concrete or wood steps that lead to a door to the basement or crawl space. These doors make it easier to get heavy items in and out of the basement.

A basement door itself, one that leads from the hallway or the kitchen, for example, down to the basement, is often neglected. However, if the basement is accessible or somebody has a way to get into the basement, then they have a way to get into the rest of the house via access from this forgotten or neglected interior door.

People spend thousands of dollars on entry doors and windows as a means of keeping their home safe from potential break-ins. Yet this one commonly overlooked and neglected door could be the proverbial fatal flaw in the entire system. Just imagine having a home security system that is installed on every window and entry door, except for basement windows, for example. Somebody could break into one of those basement windows, crawl in, walk up the stairs, and use a small credit card, screwdriver, or even a crowbar to pop the door open. Now they have access to the entire house when you’re not there.

This isn’t meant to scare anybody, but it is intended to help point out various risk factors that can exist in just about any home. When you understand the risk factors, you can take steps to minimize that risk and protect your family much more effectively.