3 Signs It’s Time to Replace that Outdated and Worn Out Patio Door

Buckingham Patio DoorHere are three signs that could indicate it’s time to replace that existing sliding glass patio door with something newer or completely different.

1. It is too difficult open and close. Over time, the tracks on a sliding glass patio door will begin to collect more and more dirt, dust, and other debris and also corrode. That makes it increasingly difficult to open and close it. Some glass patio doors will only open a foot or less without a tremendous amount of force.

2. You keep the blinds closed over the doors because you don’t want to look at them anymore. If you have a tendency to keep the vertical blinds closed over that patio door, it could be due to excessive sunlight getting in and heating up your home or just because the door looks hideous against the new paint job and the rest of the house.

3. You’ve been wondering what a gorgeous French door might look like. If you are considering other doors that lead to your outdoor living space, it’s time to sit down with an experienced professional and go over all of your options. That is a clear sign it’s time to replace your patio door now.