This Summer, Your New Windows Could Be a Hit!

Summer is just around the corner and while you may be thinking about vacations, taking some time off to work, and doing work around your house and property to make it look as good as possible, one thing you might not have considered yet is replacing your old windows.

This could be a great decision.

When you’re looking for a quality home improvement project, you might be considering a kitchen renovation, redoing the bathroom, finishing off the basement, or something else, but replacement windows are one of the best decisions anyone can make, especially if their current windows or at least 15 or 20 years old.

The older the windows are in your house, the more likely you’re throwing money away throughout the winter trying to heat your home. 40 percent of your home’s heat and cool air is lost through drafty windows and doors.

What about summer?

Why would summer be a great time for replacement windows? If you were to consider low-e film coating, for example, you could be able to keep all of the window blinds and curtains thrown wide open all summer without having to be concerned about the heat penetrating into your house. Low-e is a film that’s applied during manufacture that is completely clear and invisible and cuts down on a tremendous amount of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation penetrating into your home.

It’s the sun’s UV rays that heat everything up and even cause fading of your carpeting and furniture and can even dry out and crack certain furniture items.

If you take your time to look for the perfect windows in your house, you may decide to completely change the size and style, which can help you feel like you’ve moved into a completely new house.

You see, this can be a great idea for the summer season coming up.