Why Summer is the Best Time to Install Replacement Windows

window2When you’re thinking about replacing the windows in your home, there are some advantages to doing so at different times of the year. Some companies will offer more sales specials or discounts during the slower season, but summer is still the best time for window replacement.

Most people keep their windows open during the summer.

During the summer, you’re more apt to keep your windows open. This includes not only allowing the fresh air to waft through your Toronto home, but also to enjoy the warmth of the summer sun from the comfort of your living room couch, your bed, or anywhere else you want inside.

When you spend more time opening and closing the windows or window coverings, you’re going to notice that the condition of those windows is poor. That can have a dramatic impact on your comfort at home.

In other words, you’re going to notice the dirt, grime, overpainted framing, pitted glass, and much more during the summer in ways that you might not in the winter months.

Temperature matters.

When installing windows, the installation expert will remove the old window, clean out the frame, and ensure that it’s ready for the new window. Then he or she will sit the new window in place, insulation around it properly, according to manufacturer specs, and then replace the molding.

Some windows can take up to an hour or more just to replace. If the window frame needs to be resized, then it will take longer than that. Doing that during the window for 10, 15, 20, or even more windows means that your home will be exposed to the temperatures outside. During the fall and spring season, we can’t predict what the temperature will be.

During the winter months, it’s generally cold. That can add a significant expense to the overall cost, especially if you don’t turn the heat down in your home. During summer, though, you have generally warm air and that means you won’t have to worry about the loss of heat in your home while the windows are installed.

If you’re thinking about replacing the windows in your home, contact a window and door company to find out just how convenient it is to get this done now, while the sun is still high in the sky and the temperatures are still comfortable.