Aftermarket Window Films: A Worthy Investment or Risk?

dollar-signWhen you walk by the windows of your Toronto home during the summer and notice just how hot the summer’s sun can be, you begin to realize how much money you are spending on cooling your home to make it comfortable for you and the rest of your family.

You may keep the blinds closed, the shades drawn, and the curtains covering the windows during the time of day when the sun penetrates most. However, this can make your home field dark and dreary. The summer season is meant to be enjoyed and your home should be open with wonderful views of the outside world.

One solution to help protect your home against the scorching summer sun and the heat it generates is a certain film over the window. Living in Toronto, we don’t have to worry about long summer seasons, but for a couple of months a year it can add to the utility bills in order to keep the home cool.

These films that cover the glass can be added to your windows if you are purchasing replacement windows, or you can buy them aftermarket.

Aftermarket window films offer the homeowner an opportunity to keep out a significant portion of the heat. They are designed to block out up to 80% of the UV rays (ultraviolet radiation) which creates heat, causes your skin to burn, and also can fade furniture and carpeting.

The main problem with aftermarket window films is installation. It may seem like an easy task to install these films properly, but once you try it for the first time, you will understand that it is a tricky situation. Most often, homeowners will have rough edges around these films which will make their windows less attractive. They may also have bubbles along various parts of the film. This can cause the window to appear dirty.

If you have relatively new windows (purchased new within the past five or six years), consult a window professional to find out whether they will install any type of film coating to your existing windows to help reduce the amount of heat getting into your home. If your windows are older than 10 years, consider purchasing replacement windows with low-E coating. This film is barely visible on the window and will help protect against the unrelenting summer sun’s heat.