Stay Cooler This Summer with Low-E Film on Your Windows

It Can be Costing You a Lot during the SummerHaving the right windows in your home can have a direct influence on how comfortable you are, not just during the winter but also in the summer.

If you’ve been looking into replacement windows for your Toronto area home, you may have come across the term ‘low-e’ film. This is a film coating that is added to the glass during the manufacturing process that is practically invisible.

In fact, when you look at windows with low-e film coating on them compared to those that don’t, you won’t be able to tell the difference. However, when they are installed in your home and you feel that wonderful sunshine coming through, you will feel the difference immediately.

Low-e film coating is designed to block a significant percentage of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation from penetrating into your home. It’s the sun’s UV rays that generates heat and also cause furniture, carpeting, and other items to fade, dry out, and become worn out more quickly than they should have to.

Homes that choose low-e film coating on their replacement windows actually enjoy a more comfortable environment and atmosphere during the summer.

Worried about winter?

During the winter, though, you want to at least benefit from whatever sunlight can get into your home. The film coating works based on the angle of penetration from the sun. So, during winter, it won’t cut out the same level of ultraviolet radiation, which will help to generate a little bit of heat inside your house, requiring less heating from your furnace.

If you choose quality replacement windows, focus on energy efficiency and consider low-e to save money.