Replacement Windows: Things to Remember

Getting replacement windows is an excellent way to make your home more beautiful and comfortable. Replacement windows are also a great investment because they add value to your home. So if you’re thinking of replacing your old and shabby windows, go ahead! But before you do, you should first make sure that you have done your homework.

Here are five things that you should keep in mind when you are choosing replacement windows for your home:

Consider a Window That Will Look Like It Belongs

Whether your house is a mid-century, Tudor-style, modern, or a ranch-style, you can be sure that there’s a window style that will enhance its beauty. If your home was properly preserved, then a replacement window will be an upgrade to your existing one so you get to enjoy the amazing features of modern windows. If your home has been updated without character and aesthetics in mind, then choose a replacement window that can make your home look the way it is supposed to.

Consider the Room Where the Window Will Be In

You have to consider which rooms will get the replacement windows. Do they face the front or back yard? How about the room’s exposure to the sun? If you are replacing your kitchen’s window, you might want to consider a big bay window to let as much sun in as possible. If the windows are for your formal dining room with a good view, you might want to get something that accentuates that view like a casement window.

Consider How the Window is Going to Be Used

Will the window be used as ventilation in your bathroom or basement? Is it safer to keep the window closed? Will it function as your fire escape? Windows can have varying functions – some don’t need to be opened at all while others’ main purpose is to let in a breeze. Consider how the window will be used aside from letting light in.

Consider Energy Efficiency

You should definitely consider energy efficiency because it affects your utility bills directly. A lot of homeowners depend heavily on air conditioning. So it’s wise to go for energy efficient windows with low solar heat gain coefficient. When it comes to energy-efficiency in windows, nothing can beat Enerview. Be sure to check out our highly efficient Enerview windows at Platinum Home Design & Renovations.

Consider Maintenance Requirements

Perhaps one of the reasons you’re thinking of getting replacement windows is because your old ones demand a little too much attention. And if you’re like most homeowners, you don’t really want to spend your weekends cleaning your windows. So what you want are windows that won’t frequently need cleaning! Enerview Neat® Glass coating applied to the glass of every Platinum Home Design & Renovations windows can give you just that. It’s just like having self-cleaning windows!

Enerview windows are guaranteed for life, and you couldn’t find a better window anywhere. If you’re looking for topnotch replacement windows, you could find them at Platinum Home Design & Renovations. We can help you determine the right type of window that will fit your needs. We’ll take care of installation, too! Contact us today!