Choosing the Best Door for Your Home

Your front door plays a big part on how your home makes a first impression on your guests. It’s an important element that makes a strong statement not just about who you are but also gives people a glimpse of what they can expect when they enter your home. More than that, your front door has a big impact on your home’s value – and it’s not just about curb appeal. An energy-efficient front door can add to the overall value of your property, help you save as much as 10% on your energy bills, and more.

But how can you tell if a door is right for you and your home? First and foremost, your front door, like other exterior parts of your home, needs to be strong enough to withstand all the harsh elements. But at the same time, it should add to the aesthetic value of your house.

Because functionality is the main purpose of a front door, one of the best ways to narrow down your choices when choosing a front door is by looking at the materials used. The most common materials for front doors include steel, fiberglass and wood.

Steel Doors

While steel doors can get dented, minor damages can often be fixed using a simple auto-body repair kit. All-panelled steel doors have great insulation value, meaning they can help you lower your energy bills. They are also one of the least expensive options for front doors.

When you have chosen the right material for your home, the next consideration to make is colour. Do you want something that blends or stands out? You can go with the general tone of your home. But you also might want to consider going for a bold colour and make your front door a statement piece. You’d really be amazed by the difference a beautiful front door can make.


Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass composite doors are relatively affordable. They are usually chosen because of how durable they are and the fact that they are virtually maintenance-free. Fiberglass composite doors can last for a really long time. Fiberglass doors can go for many years without ever needing paint or stain touch-ups. They are highly reliable in humid and harsh climates. Fiberglass doors can last a lot longer than wood doors.

When it comes to insulation, fiberglass offers better insulation because of its foam core.

Fiberglass can resist dents, rust, rot, and any other issues often associated with other door materials. Therefore it’s not surprising at all that fiberglass doors is preferred by so many homeowners.

The appearance of fiberglass doors can easily be customized as well and they can have a wood finish or look like other natural materials. They can also come in any colour.

Wood Doors

Wood is also a common material for front doors. Most modern wood doors are more like sandwiches, with two sheets of wood veneer skins on either side of a wood core. This tends to reduce the chance of warping. It also lowers the price of wood doors.

Unlike fiberglass doors, however, wood doors require a fair amount of maintenance work. You should protect the wood from getting wet because it is sensitive to moisture and it can result in warping, cracking, and shape deformity. The sun can also affect the lifespan of your wood door. Make sure that your door is protected from these elements. You can expect that with wood doors, you are going to do some painting or staining every few years or so if you want to keep your wood door from looking old and battered. Your wood door may also require light sanding, cleaning, and re-priming in some spots.

Wood doors are also more expensive than doors made of other materials, especially if they are made of solid wood.

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