Proper Care for Your Windows Extends Their Life

Tips for Cleaning Your Windows in the Spring: Inside and OutIn most situations when people purchase items brand-new, they have a tendency to care for them much more than they would if they happen to be older. This is true for furniture, automobiles, homes, and just about anything else. Even that computer you bought brand-new that you wipe down after every use, getting rid of the fingerprints, dust, and more eventually starts looking like everything else in your home.

This isn’t a knock on you or anyone else, but rather to point out natural human tendencies. As things get older, we have less tendency to pay attention to the little details that make a world of difference, including cleaning and maintenance.

When you get brand-new replacement windows installed in your home, you probably run around daily wiping down every smudge, mark, or line you see, especially as the sun shifts across the skyline. It feels great to have these new, clear glass windows in your home.

You can’t wait to get up and throw the shutters or blinds open, draw back the drapery, and just enjoy looking at them. It’s a significant investment that you’ve made and they deserve proper care.

What constitutes proper care for replacement windows?

The most important thing is keeping the glass clean. This is especially true on the outside portion of the glass. Many modern windows can be opened inward, especially the double hung style, to allow you to clean the exterior portion of the glass from inside the home. Even if you have a large picture window, bay window, bow window, casement window, or other style, you should take the time to clean those windows regularly.

That’s because when dirt and grime get on the glass, the sun can burn it into the surface of the glass. This can lead to etching, pitting, and more problems that make the windows look less spectacular than they should.

When you clean your windows consistently, at least every couple of weeks, if not more often, you will also likely wipe down the frame and maybe even the tracks where the windows open and close. When you do that, your windows will last a lot longer than you even thought possible.