Why Price Matters with Replacement Windows in Toronto

comparing cheap windowsWhen you’re looking into replacement windows for your Toronto home, you’re going to find many different options with regard to size, style, and even price. Once you begin shopping around, you’re going to see a wide price range of almost every style of window imaginable.

Many homeowners unfortunately make the common mistake of focusing in on the cheapest windows they find advertised. It’s important to step back and realize that price can certainly say a lot about the type of windows you may be choosing.

Price Indicates Quality

Believe it or not, even in today’s day and age, price is usually the best indicator of quality, regardless of the products you’re talking about. Even shopping for a flatscreen TV should give this away clearly.

When it comes to replacement windows, the cheaper the products, the cheaper the quality, in most cases. You may find some high quality replacement windows that are last year’s models or through a company going out of business or offering an incredible deal for a limited time, but in general, if you find, for example, a double hung window for $120, it’s a pretty fair estimate to state that these windows are about the lowest quality you’re going to find.

Why Quality Matters

We live in Toronto which means we have to deal with some pretty harsh winter seasons. Cold temperatures, driving winds, and endless snow can affect us at any time between October and April. Every heating degree day that we experience means 40 percent of that heat is being lost through drafty windows and doors.

With cheaper windows you will not get the energy efficiency that could save you $20, $40, or even more every month on your heating expenses.

Also, longevity is a consideration with replacement windows. The average replacement window should last around 15 years. Cheaper quality windows might not even make it 10 years before they fall apart, become too difficult to open, close, or lock, or have other issues.

Avoid falling into the trap of choosing the cheapest possible replacement windows you can find. If you focus solely on saving as much money as possible, you could end up finding yourself in the unenviable position that many other Toronto homeowners have: regretting the decision within a matter of weeks or months.