All Entry Doors Are Not the Same

Wood Front Door InstallationPlanning on replacing any or all of the entry doors in your Toronto home? It’s important to understand that they are not all alike. At the basic core, the average home in Toronto has a front door, side entry door, and a patio or deck door (which may be referred to as the back door).

Discussing each of these entry doors, one thing that should be a common factor in deciding which ones to choose for your home is security.

Security is essential for any entry door. It’s not a major consideration (or doesn’t need to be) when you’re talking about interior doors, unless keeping people out of a bedroom, home office, or other room is essential to you.

For entry doors, security is vital. That’s because anyone who is aiming to get into your home, whether it’s to steal from you, harm anyone in your family, or for any other nefarious reason, is going to first make an attempt through one of the entry doors.

If those entry doors are not solid, if they don’t contain strong locking mechanisms, hinges, or are not strong enough, it could make it easier for someone to break in. Always place security as a top priority.

You could choose a front door for less than $700 that is lightweight, seemingly solid but is really nothing more than a thin layer of composite board filled with insulation, and assume you’re safe, but the first time you try and kick the door open because your hands are full and don’t realize it’s closed, you’re going to realize how flimsy it really is.

Next, you need to consider energy efficiency. 40 percent of a home’s heat is lost through the windows and doors. A door that is well made will protect against the cold air outside much more effectively than a cheap door. Patio doors, due to the amount of glass they contain, or even more susceptible to energy loss.

Avoid making the common mistakes other homeowners have made when choosing a replacement entry door; focus on quality, make the right investment, and you’ll save money on your heating and cooling expenses throughout the year but more importantly keep your family and possessions safe all year round.