Noise Reduction with Replacement Windows

triple-pane-windowsIf you lived or have lived in a home located in an urban area or busy street, you have likely experienced the irritation and frustration that outside noise pollution can cause. Even homes located in less congested areas can still be affected by noise pollution; barking dogs, lawnmowers, and leaf blowers can easily intrude upon your day.

Noise reduction windows can be a lifesaver in these situations as they allow for plenty of light and a clear view while keeping the amount of sound down to a tolerable level.

Windows with noise reduction technology don’t look any different from other new windows. The glass is designed to reduce the transmission of sound waves from the outside to the inside of the home. Multiple panes of glass are required to muffle the sound that passes through the panes, but it’s important that these panes be of a different thicknesses – the varying thicknesses of the glass block out different noise frequencies.

The second piece of the noise reduction strategy of these types of windows is the proper space between the panes of glass. If the panes are too close together, the sound reduction capability of the window will be reduced. The spacing does not have to be large enough to be noticeable; just a few millimeters creates sufficient space between the panes for noticeable noise blocking.

Laminated glass panes will further increase the noise reducing capability of the window. Laminating means placing a thin layer of plastic between two layers of glass. This plastic helps to block the transmission of sound waves to reduce the noise level that is transmitted into your home. In addition to helping reduce noise, laminated glass also offers the additional benefit of helping block ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sun as well.

Even the most well-constructed noise reducing windows won’t be as effective as they could be if they are improperly installed. Have a professional window installer replace your old windows.

Noise reduction windows must be surrounded by insulation, installed correctly, and then properly sealed in order to do the job they were designed to do. Platinum Home Renovations has the noise reduction windows you need and the experienced professionals to install them for you.