The Basics of Replacement Windows

window2Replacement windows can be installed within the frame of your existing windows or come with a new frame of their own. It depends on the type of windows and of renovation you’re doing.
Those made to fit inside pre-existing frames are typically built without a structural frame; instead, they rely on the strength of the original window for support.

Replacement windows differ from what are called “new construction” windows. New construction windows are designed to be installed from the outside before siding is added to the house. Many new construction windows are lower quality and if you’re building a new home, it’s best to choose custom windows rather than whatever the builders choose, in order to have the best quality for your home from the beginning.

Replacement windows are installed from the inside so there is no damage done to walls or siding. These windows are available in a number of materials such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl, as well as some other materials.

Vinyl replacement windows are a popular choice as they are the least expensive and now come in many pre-molded colors. They also appeal to those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle, such as condominium owners, senior citizens, and fixed income families.

Some of the benefits of replacement windows include increased resale value, ease of installation, and lower cost. They also tend to be more energy efficient than older windows. Insulated glazing is one feature that helps save energy. The second layer of glass, or double-pane, creates an air pocket, which is the “insulation” referred to in marketing materials. Another energy saver is the “low E” plastic film, which can cut energy costs more than 25% by greatly reducing temperature transference.

The most common Canadian windows are double hung. These windows have an upper and lower sash. Just by sight it is hard to tell single hung and double hung windows apart. The only difference is that the top sash on single hung windows is fixed. Most hung window models now feature tilt-in sashes for easier exterior cleaning. Casement windows are fairly common as well; these windows swing out similar to a door and are typically operated using an interior hand crank.

You can also get replacement fixed windows. These are common in large openings like picture or bay and bow windows. Fixed means they do not open. Platinum Home Renovations can manufacture replacement picture windows to fit large or irregular openings perfectly.