Loud Neighbors and How New Windows Can Reduce Noise

double-pane-windowsPerhaps when you moved into your home, the neighbors were quiet and respectful. Or maybe you just didn’t have a clue just how loud some people could be. Barking dogs, loud music in the evenings and weekends, and an endless parade or cars and people pulling in next door can be enough to drive anyone crazy.

There is only so much that you can do to deal with loud neighbors who don’t respect those around them. The authorities rarely get involved in domestic or neighborly issues when it comes to noise. If you’re pulling out your hair and destroying a few pillows trying to cut out the cacophony of sounds, if you have older windows, you may have actually very little protection against it.

The more insulated that a window is, the more it will keep warm air in during the winter and hot air out during the summer. It can also make a significant difference with noise levels.

A double glazed window sealed with argon gas is going to be significantly quieter than a single pane window. A triple glazed window that is sealed with krypton gas will block out a tremendous amount of exterior noise.

It’s one reason why when you stay at a hotel, you may have noticed the sheer difference in volume between an open window and a closed one. Hotels tend to use thick panes of glass as a sound buffer.

When you close your high energy efficient new windows, you will immediately notice how much quieter everything becomes. It’s like a breath of fresh air to be able to cut out the external noise and get some much deserved and much needed rest, peace, and solitude.

If you’re in the market for new windows, consider boosting the amount of glazing and sealant to maximize the sound proofing throughout your Toronto home.