Benefits of Low-E Filters for New Windows

dollar_signShopping for replacement windows for your home will introduce you to many new innovations and options that make today’s windows more durable and energy efficient than ever before. Focusing on double glazing and sealing with argon or krypton gas is one of the most important aspects to energy efficiency of windows.

Low-E filters can also provide your home a great deal of protection against overheating during the summer. When the sun penetrates into your home during the summer, it can force you to draw the blinds or shades down and to run the air conditioning just to stay cool.

Low-E filters block out a significant percentage of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It’s the sun’s UV rays that generate heat and also fade furniture, carpeting, and other items in your home. It can also cause wood to dry and crack over time.

When you are blocking out those harmful and heat-inducing rays, you’re going to protect your home and keep it cooler during the summer while still being able to keep the window coverings open.

The less heat your home will be exposed to during the summer months, the less you’ll have to run your air conditioning system to keep cool.

Concerns about winter sun.

One of the major concerns that consumers have about low-e filters has to do with wintertime sun. During the winter, any sunlight that gets into the home can help to warm it up. Even though the winter sun is not nearly as strong (with regard to the heat generated), it can still help.

Low-E filters are designed to block out the sun’s rays at certain angles. During the winter, the sun hovers at a lower angle, which means that the low-e filters won’t block out much of these UV rays, which will provide the kind of benefit that you want during the winter.

To learn more about low-e filters and what they could do to protect your home and lower your cooling bills during the winter, contact Platinum Windows and Doors.