Keep Windows Free of Debris during Autumn

fall leavesNow that autumn has finally arrived, that means the leaves will begin falling (if they haven’t already). When they fall and you have the windows open because it’s a pleasant day out and you want fresh air wafting through the home, then those leaves will begin to collect in the sill and along the tracks. They can also get caught in the mechanisms that open and close casement and other types of windows.

Make sure that you clean these window sills out often throughout the fall months. Even though you may not think it’s very important to do so, there are three key reasons why it is.

1. Leaves attract dirt. When leaves sit for a long period of time, they can attract dirt. They will also begin to break down (decompose) and this can lead to staining on the window frame, the sill, and even along the glass.

2. Leaves can bunch up. When more and more leaves are piling up around the windows, it can make closing them more challenging. If you begin to try and push the leaves out to close the window, then you could be creating more problems for the future.

Many windows have screens that help to block out the leaves from getting to the actual window frame, at least the lower portion of the frame. That doesn’t mean they can’t pile up around the top portion.

3. Leaves attract moisture. Even dried out old leaves can store moisture and that can lead to mold, mildew, and even rotting of the window frame.

Whenever you notice leaves piling up around your property, check all of your windows. You can use a hair dryer or other small device to blow the leaves away from the window or you can brush them off using a simple, soft bristled broom.