Considerations with Your Windows for Energy Efficiency

window2Winters can get quite cold in Toronto which means that it’s important to consider energy efficiency. More than 40 percent of the heat that your furnace generates will be lost through the windows and doors in your home. That means for almost every two dollars you spend, nearly one of them is just being tossed out the windows.

When you want to find ways to make your home more energy efficient, start by looking at your windows. There are some things that every homeowner can do, including replacing their old, inefficient windows and doors.

Feel for drafts.

Drafts are the most obvious sign that you are losing a lot more heat through the windows than you might want. Depending on where the draft is coming from, it could indicate that you should seriously think about replacing the windows.

If the draft is coming through the glass, then you may want to consider double glazed windows sealed with either argon or krypton gas as this will help protect against the cold winter months ahead.

Check the insulation.

Around every window and door frame there should be abundant insulation. If there’s not, then you could be losing money just through the moldings in your home. Even if your home is relatively new, that doesn’t mean they are well insulated.

Far too many contractors and home builders cut corners and the insulation around the windows is one of their prime targets.

Make sure the windows close completely.

The older that a window is, the more difficult it may be to close. If your windows don’t close completely, this would allow the cold air from outside to seep into your home.

It may be a simple matter of hardware that is faulty, corroded, or weak and you might be able to replace that. If it’s the windows themselves, now is the ideal time to consider having them replaced so that you can enjoy a nice, warm winter without having to overspend just to achieve that goal.