Is Shatterproof Glass Important for Your Home?

Broken Glass, Fixing the Problem or Replacing the Windows in Your Toronto HomeLiving in Canada means we don’t have to worry too much about intense severe weather like our counterparts in the United States. Hurricanes and tornadoes can be a much more serious threat to those in the southern states, and tornadoes have been known to touch down in Canada and hurricanes have struck Nova Scotia, but they are rare.

That being said, there are some homeowners who choose shatterproof glass, more commonly referred to as hurricane windows. Is that necessary?

With regard to severe weather, no. However, if you have the financial resources and the desire to have these types of windows, it’s certainly something you can get and have installed in your Toronto area home.

What are shatterproof glass windows?

This doesn’t mean the glass won’t crack or break. It means there is a special film and manufacturing process that helps keep the glass together, making it extremely difficult to break apart. Somebody hitting the glass with a bat or crowbar is going to shatter it, but they will have to strike it numerous times and use incredible force to rip it apart just to gain access and entry into your home.

Therefore, shatterproof glass replacement windows, also commonly referred to as hurricane windows, may be a worthwhile investment if you have the resources and certain concerns with regard to safety and security for you, your possessions, and the rest of your family.

For most homeowners throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas, though, it’s not a worthwhile investment. You’re not going to gain any increase in your home’s value because you have shatterproof windows installed. It’s also not going to do anything to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

It all basically comes down to security and comfort, so if that matters to you, then you might want to look into it, at least to get an idea of how much they cost and what they can provide for you when it comes to peace of mind.