Grilles: What they Are and How They Enhance Windows

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Georgian Grill

When you are shopping for replacement windows for your Toronto home, there are numerous options that you’ll be able to choose from. One of those options is grilles. Grilles are essentially a feature on windows that make them appear as though they are made up of a number of smaller windows.

Most people have seen grilles on windows in the past even though they might not have realized what they’re called. If you have seen a door or a large window that was separated into nine or more smaller windows, or what appeared to be smaller windows, then you have seen grilles.

Grilles are those frames that sit on the glass within the actual window frame that create the illusion of there being many windows within the frame.

How they enhance windows.

Depending on who you ask, grilles can actually enhance the appearance of certain windows. Picture windows are ideal for seeing a great landscaping or panoramic view from inside the home. That are not ideal for grilles, though.

However, large windows such as double hung windows, may not be ideally suited to a particular view out the window. The larger the window, the more awkward the design may feel for the homeowner.

Having window grilles added to these type of windows can break up the expansive nature of those windows. Grilles can be great for certain double hung windows or even glass on doors. Entry doors often use grilles for windows that are larger than just a viewing window surface.

Adding grilles to certain windows in your home is essentially a matter of personal preference. You may decide that grilles are not your cup of tea. If that’s the case, that’s more than fine. However, if you believe that grilles might suit a particular window or room in your house best, you can always try them and, if you decide that they don’t work out for you, they can be removed.