What Cladding is and Why It Matters for Your Toronto Home

cladding for the windowWhen you are looking for replacement windows for your Toronto home, you will come across a number of terms that you may be unfamiliar with. One of those terms is “cladding.”

Cladding essentially refers to a layer that is placed along the exterior as well as the interior frame of the window. The cladding can consist of vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. Cladding is designed to provide extra protection for the window frame against weather, sun, and other issues that can cause damage over time.

Cladding is not often necessary for the interior parts of the window, however. That is because most interior windows are not subject to the same rain, ice, and direct sunlight conditions that the exterior part of the frame is.

Cladding on the outside of the window will make the window frame appear thicker and will improve the strength and durability of the windows. In other words, the windows will withstand harsh weather conditions much more effectively when you add the right cladding to them.

The differences in materials that are used in cladding will affect not only the price but also the appearance and durability. Most entry-level replacement windows will rely on vinyl cladding if this is chosen as an option. Roll form aluminum can also be effective, but not nearly as effective as extruded aluminum. Fiberglass is not going to be highly effective for the Toronto area.

If you have questions about replacement windows and whether cladding is something you should consider, speak to an experienced window professional. Be sure that you fully understand what cladding is and how it can make a difference for your replacement windows.