Great Christmas Décor Ideas for Your Doors and Windows

Christmas is just around the corner! When it comes to this festive season, the best way to show your guests and your entire neighbourhood that you are enjoying and celebrating the Christmas spirit is by decorating your home!


Of course, there will be the traditional tree and perhaps some socks to hang by the fireplace. But while your whole family will definitely love those, why not extend the happiness fun decorations can give to those who pass by your house? Front door Christmas decors are an excellent way to make everyone who visits feel warmly welcomed. It’s also a treat for anyone to see a house lit and intricately decorated, especially on a cold wintery evening!


If you haven’t decided on your Christmas door and window decorations for this year yet, here are some ideas you might want to consider:


Winter Wonderland

There is a reason this theme is considered a classic – it is simply magical! Truly embrace white Christmas by having a wreath and a garland coated with white faux snow spray. You can also place a small white tree nearby! You can use purple or blue ornaments. These colours look great with the look of the fake snow on your greenery.


Santa’s Workshop

How about a little “This Way to the North Pole” sign? Instead of garlands, you can have a toy train above your door. You can also decorate your tree with small toy ornaments. To complete the look, a few helper elves would be amazing, too!


Candy Lane

One of the many things we love about Christmas it the abundance of sweets! While sugary treats are not good for your health, they won’t do any harm as decors! You can make strings of colourful candies and use them to decorate your garland and trees. You can also hang two large DIY candy canes on either side of the door or make a sweet fence of those green white and red treats!


All Grinch-ed Up

Who doesn’t know the Grinch? Be the favourite of all the kids in the neighbourhood by giving them a taste of this timeless character. Here’s an idea. Instead of using the usual red stocking, create a large green one with a pointed toe using green felt or any fabric. Fill the stocking with stuffing and sew the top. Glue on some red polka dots, a candy cane trim on the side, and a red fur trim on top. You can also decorate your garlands with striped stockings and some ribbons.


So which one of these decorating themes do you like? Have any decorating ideas? Share them with us, too!