Enerview Windows: Why You Should Choose Them

Not a lot of homeowners stop to think about their windows, thinking that as long as there’s glass and it’s not broken, the window must be doing its job. But how true is that? If your bills are getting a little too high, and your windows are drafty, hanging thick curtains to cover them just won’t cut it.


If you find yourself in this kind of situation when you realize it’s time to replace your windows. Do you know what window you should get? We do!


EnerView windows are the best choice for Canadian homes. Their unique features set them apart from all the other windows available out there. EnerView windows are of the highest quality and provide homeowners the option to customize windows so you can be sure that what you’re getting is exactly what you want and exactly what you need.


Other window companies just give you the option of having energy efficient windows and you’ll be made to choose from a limited line of windows that come with this feature. EnerView understands that energy-efficiency should not just be an option – it is a necessity! That is why every single one of our windows is energy-saving. It doesn’t matter what style you choose, and what shape or colour you go for – your EnerView window will definitely be energy star certified and you’ll surely see the difference in your energy bill.


Some homeowners feel a little frustrated because they feel they don’t have enough options for windows aesthetic-wise. With Platinum Home Designs & Renovations, you won’t have to worry about that. After all, EnerView windows are known for its wide selection of styles and colours. And if that’s not enough, you can also customize your very own EnerView windows. Yes, that is right. You have the option to design your own windows. Your windows can have unique grids, grills, frames, and more! Your windows can be like your work of art and you can even tell your guests about them!


Our range of glass packages also ensure homeowners that no matter where you live and no matter how tough the climate might be in your area, your EnerView windows can withstand it. Energy Star has rated our windows safe for Zones C and D, so you can be sure that no extreme cold climate can ruin your windows.


Not every window company offers you the creative freedom to customize your own window and still assure you of quality and durability. Platinum Home Design & Renovations offer you just that with our EnerView windows. To keep your mind at ease, EnerView windows are offered with a lifetime warranty, too! This warranty is transferable, so even if you decide to move and sell your property, you can assure the new homeowners that they will enjoy the warranty, too! That will definitely help raise your property’s value!


EnerView aims to provide every Canadian home with highly durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing windows. Platinum will deliver that for you. Call us now!