Double vs. Triple Pane Windows

triple-pane-windowsWindows are a significant investment in your home so when it’s time to replace them, you may have a lot of questions as well as options. While the variety of choices is certainly an asset to consumers, it can also feel like a minefield as you carefully wade through the decisions that you need to make.

The question of double pane or triple pane is one of the first to pop up. Most people assume triple pane is better (more = better logic) but that is not always the case. Each type of window has strengths and weaknesses; you need to find the best for your situation.

Let’s start with the basics of how each works. Both double and triple pane windows use inert gas between the layers of gas. Double pane windows have two layers of glass housing one layer of gas. Triple panes have three layers of glass with two layers of gas. The purpose of the gas works as insulation, slowing the transfer of heat and cold through the window.

Double pane windows are lighter; they are efficient, and usually affordably priced. Triple panes are usually more efficient but much heavier and usually pretty expensive. Depending on what type of weather you have, you will have to decide what works best for you. In most temperate areas, double pane glass will make the most sense. If you live in an area with long, cold, or windy winters, you will probably want to consider triple pane windows.

There are options within each group as well. For instance, you may be considering triple pane windows if you live in an extremely sunny area but you could opt for double pane windows with a UV coating instead. The double pane glass will provide a good insulating factor, and the UV coating will shut the sun’s heat out of your home. Many times these windows can work just as well if not better than a triple pane window.

If double pane windows meet your needs there is no reason to spend extra on triples. Triple pane windows do have their place, or they would not continue to be produced. If you live in an extreme environment it would be advisable to get advice from your local power company for their recommendations. You could also spend some time talking with your neighbors, and find out if they are happy with their windows. Many times they will be the first to tell you the pros and cons of their situation, and they have no financial gain in your decision.

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