Boost Your Curb Appeal

slideshow-2Regularly making changes to your home can refresh you and revitalize the entire look and feel of your house. This can mean simply rearranging a room to create more open flow or redoing the outside appearance of your home with new windows and doors. Whether you’ve just moved in or are getting ready to sell your home, windows and doors have the potential to open your home and boost curb appeal.

There are a lot of styles and designs for both windows and doors – utility and placement should play a major role in your decision. Sliding doors and French doors are perfect for large rooms and can be placed in between rooms or to open to the outside. Replacing a solid patio door with French doors will open up your room and allow sunlight to stream through.

Platinum Home Renovations offers windows and doors of all shapes and sizes. We are fully equipped to create custom work as well. All of our windows come standard with Low-E and Argon Gas glass that provides energy comfort of your home from cold winter nights to hot summer days and blocks the sun’s damaging UV rays to reduce fading of your curtains, carpets, an furniture for years to come.

Maintenance is another thing to keep in mind when it comes to windows. Unlike wood windows, our EnerView Vinyl Windows never require painting and the solid vinyl construction won’t rust, flake, or peel like painted metal windows, and is virtually impervious to punishing weather. You can forget about dangerous ladders and time-consuming maintenance. Platinum EnerView Vinyl Windows are designed to be maintenance-free and easily cleaned.

Platinum Premium Vinyl Windows will not only brighten the appearance of your home, but will greatly enhance its year-round comfort and energy efficiency. You can also expect an increased resale value on your home and substantial return on your investment.

There are many window and door installers – but very few specialists. Platinum Windows and Doors is committed to a uniform standard of excellence in service, workmanship and professional business ethics. For years, Platinum has been winning the trust of homeowners by working hard for the consumer before, during, and after every installation.