Why Is Custom Made Better?

Wrought Iron Front DoorCustom made anything costs more than mass produced products. For some things, mass-produced is fine but there are products that warrant spending extra for perfection. Windows and doors fall into that category.

First, think about the materials used. Almost all mass-produced windows and doors are made of cheaper wood, polymer, or metal. As a cost saving measure, some of the better mass-produced doors are made with wood veneer, allowing a better quality finish. These are cosmetically superior to the average product but still not as durable or attractive as a custom door.

Custom-made doors and windows will have a broad range of finishes, depending on the wishes of the consumer and the skills and experience of the craftsmen. The primary difference is that these pieces will be finished more thoroughly and with greater attention to detail.

Next, consider the hardware. In particular, door handles and window latches. These are an essential mechanical component of each window or door. The hardware used has a direct bearing on the life and functionality of your doors and windows. There is a wide range of hardware available; opting for the cheapest will cost you more in the long run.

Many mass-produced doors and windows use lower quality hardware. When you have your piece custom made you will have the option to choose whatever hardware you want. A high end handle might cost triple the price but it will last a lifetime while the low end will need replacing in just a couple years.

These two factors clearly separate custom work from mass-produced product. When it comes to your windows and doors, customizing will guarantee that you get a perfect fit, strong materials, and durable hardware. Often, when you pay more now you save more later in both money and inconvenience.

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