Casement Windows in Mississauga

Casement Window
Casement Window

Casement windows offered by Platinum Home Renovations offer residents of Mississauga and surround areas the best combination of energy efficiency, ease of operation, and convenience. A multi-point locking system is standard on all casements and provides a weather-tight seal and extra home defense.

Casement windows open inward or outward on a hinge, much like a door. This style is a great choice for those homeowners who live in windy areas. They have a windbreak attribute that helps to lower air infiltration. They also have a multi-chamber design that adds insulation, sound abatement, and strength.

Toronto homes with casement windows often use screens on top of the glass panes to allow cool air to flow in without letting bugs, dirt, and other debris into the house. You can get whatever type of glass you want for your casement windows. Platinum uses EnerView LoE glass to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

These windows are also secure. They have a tough multi-locking system to keep your home safe. Coupled with welded sash and frame edges, casement windows offer excellent insulation and protection from leaks and drafts.

We also offer an array of decorative grills if you want to customize your windows. Picking a grill pattern to match your individual design can be overwhelming; our friendly staff will help along the way.
Platinum Home Renovations Casement Windows:

Casement Windows swing open (like a door) to provide superior ventilation and are operated by a crank handle. Casements can open out left or right.

Standard Features:

– Multi-point Locking Hardware

– Heavy Duty Handle

– Sash Keepers

– Full Screen with overlapping Frame

– Unique Ramp System

We also offer glass finish options to further customize your look. The glass is available in a multitude of styles and colours, or you can add a special touch with our V-Groove Glass. Our glass is also available in Gray, Bronze, and Security options. You will also get to choose whether you’d prefer double or triple pane glass.

With Platinum Home Renovations, you get the exact window you’re looking for customized to suit you. If you’re a resident in Mississauga or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area looking for replacement windows, call Platinum today.