Choosing the Right Replacement Windows Begins with One First Step

windows-valueIf you and your spouse have been sitting down talking about the prospect of replacement windows for your Toronto area home, you may have more questions than answers. This is normal and even though you may be looking at a considerable investment, it’s a great investment.

Why replacement windows are so valuable.

Approximately 40 percent of a home’s heat during the winter is going to be lost through old, drafty windows and doors. If you were to calculate the average amount of money you spend every month during winter on home heating oil, natural gas, or electric (depending on the heat source) and multiplied that by 0.40 you will get an idea of just how much money you’re throwing out the window.

If you really enjoy spending that much money on nothing at all, then feel free to wrap up a number of $20 bills and send them out the window or to some anonymous company.

The first step.

Taking that first step toward replacement windows can sometimes be a bit unnerving when homeowners realize just how costly they can be. The average cost of replacement windows today can range anywhere between $250 to about $750, depending on the size, style, and type of window you choose.

You can certainly save a lot of money by getting the cheapest possible double hung windows you can find at your local home improvement superstore, but that’s not going to do much to improve energy efficiency in your home. It’s also not going to increase the value of your house at all.

The first step is to contact a qualified window and door specialist. There are plenty of these small and medium-sized companies all throughout Toronto, but if you want one that has been in business for many years, understands every aspect of window and door replacement, then contact Platinum Windows and Doors today.

That’s a great first step. Take your time during this process and don’t allow anyone to pressure you into making a decision until you have gone through all of your options and have had time to ponder them carefully.